4 Steps for Back to School Success

Written by Kristen Moreland  I love Back to School time.  From fresh batches of school supplies to revamped spaces, to unknown groups of students and...

8 Considerations For Teaching The Next Generation of Learners

Written by Michael Fisher  The next generation of students is already here! Generation Alpha was born in 2010 and their oldest members are just now entering our...

More Than a Potluck – Engaging English Language Learners

Written by Barbara Thompson  In order to achieve success, every student needs to feel wanted, included, and valued in school (DeWitt, 2016). Making students new to...

Creating a Welcoming Environment for English Learners In your School and Classroom

Written by Judie Haynes and Debbie Zacarian  As the school year begins, we, as teachers, think about how to welcome English learners (ELs) to our schools and our...

ELLs: Perspectives and Pedagogy

Written by Olukayode (Olu) Banmeke  Like most other teachers in schools all across America, I have students, described as English Language Learners (ELL), in my classes....

Creating an EL Friendly Environment

Written by Jane Hill  To provide the best learning opportunities for English Language Learnings, we must start by understanding where ELs appear on the continuum...

Making the Most of Your School’s Opening Day

Written by Paul J. Berardelli and Michele Hill  "You always get a special kick on Opening Day, no matter how many you go through," said Yankees legend...

The Essentials of Welcoming Classroom for English Language Learners

Written by David Campos Often English language learners find the first days of school intimidating because they are insecure about how to best navigate their classroom....

Standards-Based Grading: A Rose by Any Other Name…

Written by Susan M. Brookhart Do the grades we assign to students truly reflect their learning?  The answer to this question, after over a hundred...

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