Home of the brave: Changing the future with a new mascot

By Gretchen Schulz Before the mascot changed in 2019, the “Braves” represented my high school for nearly a century. During games and assemblies, a student dressed...

So, you want to hire a DEI officer? Here’s what to know first

As school leaders think about developing positions devoted to diversity, equity, and inclusion, they must first assess their why.

Changing how we teach American history

By Sheila Weathers “When the looting starts, the shooting starts.” This was the tweet that President Donald Trump sent after protests erupted in response to the...

Educating after George Floyd: Where do we go from here?

By Desmond Williams In the wake of George Floyd’s death, America seems to be in social upheaval. A June 7 poll by NBC and the...

Finding the courage to be specific about systemic racism in education

By Matthew R. Kay The vicious homicide of George Floyd in Minneapolis opened up wounds that too many of us have downplayed for centuries. Meanwhile,...

Lessons from crisis: trauma-responsive teaching tools for the work ahead

By Arlène E. Casimir  Ancient wisdom traditions in various indigenous cultures teach us that every healing journey begins with a crisis. I learned this fundamental truth...

If we aren’t addressing racism, we aren’t addressing trauma

By Dena Simmons During my school years, I learned about white scholars, white inventors, white ideas, and white theories. I did not read a book about...

Core-content teachers: You can provide good distance learning for English learners

By Margarita Calderón and Lisa Tartaglia With schools moving to distance learning, teachers, students, parents, and administrators have had to step up to...

Reopening schools: What knowledge can we rely upon?

By Didier Jourdan, Nicola Gray, Sean Slade & Michael Marmot As the Director General of WHO indicated on March 12, the management of the Covid-19...

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