Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Six Tips to Consider When Implementing a District Instructional Coaching Program

If you watched the Olympics this winter you saw someone standing beside every competitor just before and after they competed – their coach. The...

10 Tips for First-Year Principals

By the time they step into the position, most principals have already spent years—even decades—in the classroom as teachers. This experience certainly comes in...

How Are You #BringingJoyBack This School Year?

Days are getting shorter, Labor Day is looming around the corner, and that means if you’re an educator, you’re back at work or prepping for your students to return.

Why Teachers Must Be at the Table

Halley Potter emphasizes the importance of including teachers’ voices in school-improvement efforts. In “Smarter Charters” (Educational Leadership, Feb. 2015), Potter and coauthor Richard D....

Diversity: From Abstract Idea to Concrete Reality

Inclusion, Diversity, Culture, Equity….tell me, what do you think when you hear these words and how do you define these concepts? Depending on your...

Dear EL, Help Me Challenge the Status Quo

Reader and social studies teacher Dustin Voss recently wrote EL editors about the April issue on “Looking at Student Work.” Here is the condensed conversation between Voss and W. James Popham, who wrote “Standardized Tests: Purpose Is the Point.”

Six Small Moves to Help You Implement Effective Quarterly Lesson-Planning Sessions

By Jusmar Maness So you’re in your weekly professional learning community time. You’re highly engaged in discussing lesson ideas with your teammates, coming up with...

One of the Many Factors that Lead to School Improvement

By: Iris Jones, ASCD Member, Teacher Leader, Washington, D.C. Teachers must engage in leadership roles to positively affect their school’s culture of learning. It is often difficult,...

Flipping the Staff Meeting

Educational leaders, I have an important announcement for you! (You’ll get the joke later). We are always pressed for time. Many of us do...

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How educators can help students resist reactionary propaganda on social media

By Matthew R. Kay I’ll always remember one of my last in-person classes before schools were shut down last...

How to simplify hybrid learning

We can only hold onto so much information at any given time. Practical methods for online and hybrid learning reduce the cognitive load.

Growing SEL in your school community

Early findings from The Wallace Foundation’s Partnerships for Social Emotional Learning Initiative show the need for a unified SEL approach.