High Expectations: What to Look For

Written by Richard Frank  As I work with schools across the country, I often hear educators talking about high expectations and rigor. These are buzzwords...

The School Leader As Designer

Written by Tony Borash  “The school day starts when the first child arrives, and it ends when the last child leaves. Everything that happens in...

On Being an Instructional Coach

Written by Peg Grafwallner  When people ask what I “do,” I often have to explain what an Instructional Coach is. It seems every school district has...

Let’s Make Teacher Evaluation About Learning

Written by John Troutman McCrann  It’s March 2006 and I’m teaching Algebra 2 in Durham, North Carolina. A few minutes into the class, an assistant principal...

Summer PD for Leaders

Written by Amber Teamann The summer is a time for rest, reflection, and relaxation...but for most of us, it can also be a time when...

We vs. Me: The Power of Teams

Written by Lemuel Kwon  One of the latest buzzwords in education is the "power of teams" or “collective efficacy.”  My district (BCSD) outlines that very notion...

Five Things I Am Doing This Summer to Grow and Foster Growth

I can’t count the number of times I have heard this phrase since leaving the classroom, “Oh, I am so sorry you have to...

Five Ways To Go From Rest To Restoration This Summer

Are you often asked how you will spend your summer? You might respond, Oh, I’m definitely going to rest. I will challenge you to...

Steps To Maximize The Efficiency And Effectiveness Of Teacher Selection

Summer for a number of school administrators is consumed with filling teaching vacancies. Although good administrators are aware of the importance of hiring quality...

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