Featured on ASCD myTeachSource: Success with English Language Learners

ASCD myTeachSource: Success with English Language LearnersIt is predicted that by the 2030s, English language learners (ELLs) will account for more than 40 percent of the school-age population.

Eight Questions Educators Should Ask About Curriculum

Eight Questions Educators Should Ask About Curriculum provides educators with a starting point.  Curriculum development without reflection and renewal is not in the best...

Moves You Need to Make

Brent Duckor expands on some of the ideas he noted in his article, “Formative Assessment in Seven Good Moves,” in the March 2014 issue...

Taking the Fear out of Feedback

We’ve all had it happen. We sacrifice hours toiling away at our desks and on sofas in our living rooms, pouring our hearts, our knowledge,...

How to Learn from the Experts

Kelly Gallagher shares how teaching students to emulate model texts improves their writing as discussed in his article “Making the Most of Mentor Texts,”...

Call Me Clark, I Ain’t No Superman

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a pretty enthusiastic and generally happy person, so I am reluctant to start off a blog post with such a Debbie-downer sentence like, “After 10 years of teaching, I left the classroom.”
Introducing the ASCD Activate Professional Learning Network

What is the ASCD Activate Professional Learning Experience

For nearly 75 years, ASCD has been dedicated to helping educators expand and enhance their repertoire in learning, teaching, and leading.At every step of...

Champions for Change

Tom Friedman poignantly argues: “It’s really, really going to be difficult to be a worker in this world… because the single most important socioeconomic...

Teacher Effectiveness Resources

Now that your school or district has adopted a teacher evaluation framework, how do you ensure educators understand how to implement the research-based best...

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