Wednesday, January 20, 2021

EdBlog Watch: A Reason to Fret

Long a symbol of youth, rebellion, and rock 'n' roll, guitars captivate the attention of children like few other instruments. A recent article in...

Early Childhood, Late-Breaking News

It's hard to miss the increased attention states are giving prekindergarten education. In light of evidence that preK can have a profound and lasting...

What Is Inservice?

Inservice is the ASCD community blog—a place for educators to gather and share ideas. We hope it will promote the kind of exchange that...

Failing Schools

So much of the conversation surrounding struggling schools often ends in finger-pointing and frustration, with the public wondering why students aren't succeeding and teachers...

EdBlog Watch: Digital Education

Education Week is blog-happy; it keeps adding to its stable of entertaining and edifying blogs. One of the latest and most useful additions is...

EdBlog Watch: Dangerously Irrelevant

Are today's schools becoming Dangerously Irrelevant? It's this tongue-in-cheek question that school technology guru Scott McLeod implies in the title of his blog, acknowledging...

EdBlog Watch: Grandview Library

The Grandview Library Blog is a little unorthodox—we're used to seeing blog entries arranged in reverse chronological order. But this creative collection of tech-focused...

What Ed Said

Describing herself simply as "a teacher, a learner, an inquirer . . . and now a blogger," Edna Sackson, the primary school teacher behind...

Elbows, Knees, Dreams

"There's a lot of drama in preschool," notes Kiri, the anonymous blogger behind Elbows, Knees, Dreams. Here, this prekindergarten teacher documents all the excitement...

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