Matthew Yglesias, a prominent wonk in Washington who's blogged for a variety of sites over the years, has a new perch on Slate with...

Reflections on the Dynamics of Teaching

Action-Reaction: Reflections on the dynamics of teaching is the blog of Frank Noschese, a physics teacher in New York State. Although it covers a...


Student activism and blogs are two great tastes that pair well—and in one recent case, inspired by less-than-great tastes. Scottish 9-year-old Martha Payne's blog,...

Teach the Cloud

Teach the Cloud features free cloud-based applications and open-source software useful for educators. In a blogosphere stuffed with technology-tools blogs, Derrick Waddell's effort distinguishes itself...

Try Curiosity

Try Curiosity!, which bills itself as "Information Literacy for Young Digital Citizens," was the winner of the 2011 Edublog Awards in the "Best Librarian/Library Blog"...

Building Better Ed-Tech Bridges

Education Week has launched yet another blog into the fray. EdTech Researcher, written by Justin Reich, intends to be "a space for building bridges between educators...

Ten Ed-Tech Blogs to Follow

Although Blog Watch usually features a single blog, we're also on the lookout for posts that suggest the best blogs on a particular topic....

Marketplace K-12

Nothing is certain in life except death, taxes, and a regular supply of new Education Week blogs. That's not to say the blogs are indiscriminately thrown...

A Principal’s Reflections

What does a great administrator blog look like? One candidate is A Principal's Reflections, the blog of Eric Sheninger, principal at New Milford High...

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