Let Them Eat Tofu

Why would Grady High School serve finicky teenagers tofu and hummus for lunch? Because they asked for it! Technically, it was the student body...

What’s on Your Advocacy Wish List?

Ever wonder how to get through to your Senators? Or what your Representative really wants to know? Maybe you have a burning desire...

NCLB Mail Bag

We've received several reader e-mails* responding to the July Education Update cover story, "NCLB a Year Before Reauthorization." Here's what readers had to say:I...

A “Partially Failed Experiment”

That's Joel Packer's, manager of Elementary and Secondary Education Act Policy for the NEA, take on NCLB. This month, Education Update newsletter looks at...

Not So Fast

In this day of catchy headlines and alarmist rhetoric, Lou Dobbs is a stalwart. Dobbs’ article: “How to save our failing schools,” would suggest...

Tell Congress to Do What’s Right

Earlier this week, we wrote about how the U.S. House Appropriations Committee failed to support education and we told you how important it is...

What’s Next for High Schools?

With NCLB requiring testing just once in high school, President Bush, Secretary Spellings, and others have been talking for awhile about ramping up high...


The United States Senate is composed of two Senators from each state regardless of population. The House of Representatives is the legislative body where...

Congress Promises But Does Not Deliver

Congress may say education is vital to the nation's future, but lately, it has failed to put money where its mouth is. Americans took notice...

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Students retain more information when they take notes by hand instead of typing them on a laptop. At least that’s according to one widely cited study published in the journal of Psychological Science. But a new EdSurge article raises issue with those...

Use focus to tackle the leadership learning curve

By Rachael George, Kourtney Ferrua, and Kate Barker *This is the second in a series of four posts on navigating the leadership learning curve. Find...