Turning High-Poverty Schools into High-Performing Schools

Any educator who has “been in the business” for more than 10 years has witnessed the increase in the number of students who live...

How to Build Teachers’ Capacity for Success

By Pete Hall Research indicates that teacher effectiveness is the number one determinant of student success. This is indisputable. In order to meet our goals...

Professional Development Brought To Your Door Step

How many times have you been ready to sign your name on the dotted line for a professional development opportunity just to realize that...

Engaged And Inspired: Learn To Motivate And Challenge Each Learner

By Andrew Miller ASCD is excited to offer a new Professional Development Institute (PDI) on student engagement. This PDI, which uses a new model of...

Personalizing Assessments with Time In Mind

By Andrew Miller We already know about best practices in assessment. We know that we should use formative assessment to look for patterns in errors...

Connecting Students to Standards: Six Questions for Educators

By Tony Frontier A year from now, students around the country will be sitting at lunch tables talking about the new standardized tests they’ve taken....

Four Training Tips to Get Your Classroom “FIT”

By Deb Cale Each day as I browse through media, I am flooded with promises that a new fitness craze will immediately whip me into...

Common Core Professional Development Institutes Coming Soon to a City Near You!

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a middle school science teacher, elementary principal, or a superintendent, implementing the Common Core State Standards can feel overwhelming....

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