Call for Content: Gearing Up for Change

Call for Content

Education Leadership is looking for you to write for their Summer issue!

Deadline: March 1, 2017

Topic: Gearing Up for Change

To some degree, change is a constant in K–12 education—but it seems particularly prevalent right now. Rapid advances in technology, evolving instructional and assessment priorities, expanding options for curriculum resources, shifting student demographics, a new federal education law, and a new presidential administration—all of these are putting tremendous pressure on educators to prepare for and adapt to change. So how do you do it? As our readers take time to think ahead to the coming school year, this special online-only issue of Educational Leadership will feature best practices and personal reflections on how educators can both gear up for and proactively lead change in their schools. How can school leaders successfully implement new policies or instructional requirements? How can they bolster staff morale amid organizational change or outside pressure? How do teachers prepare to take advantage of new technology resources? What specific innovations, whether in the curriculum or in your approach to instruction, are you or your school planning for the next school year? What’s next in education, and how are you or your staff getting ready for it? Share your stories and advice.

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