While today’s educator is inundated with tweets, blog posts, and social media conversations, there’s something to be said for the long-form nature of books to help illuminate complicated topics and put things in perspective. To help you sort through the latest titles, Education Week has begun BookMarks, “a new, online generation of book coverage.”

According to blog author Catherine Cardo, that will mean book news, author chats, and reviews from a variety of guest contributors. Titles discussed so far include “Carrots, Sticks, and the Bully Pulpit: Lessons from a Half-Century of Federal Efforts to Improve America’s Schools,” edited by Rick Hess and Andrew P. Kelly, and Kelly Gallagher’s “Write Like This: Teaching Real-World Writing Through Modeling and Mentor Texts.” (She was also kind enough to point out ASCD’s Talks With an Author series.)

With so many strong books being published on major education issues of the day, it’s great to have a blog in such a prominent venue dedicated to finding gems and connecting readers with insights on key issues.



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