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Because of ASCD . . . With Robert Zywicki

ASCD members

We’re always looking for new ways to insert ASCD voices into our conversations on Inservice. With this in mind, we’ve created a question-and-answer session for our ASCD members. Our members come from all walks of life, and we’re happy to share a part of their story. To learn more about ASCD and how you can become a member visit our website

1) Complete this sentence: “Because of ASCD . . .”  Robery Zywicki

I have made connections with fellow #EdLeaders across the globe that help enhance my professional practice on a daily basis.

2) What is your favorite ASCD moment?

My favorite ASCD moment was cohosting my first Twitter chat on #BYOD.

3) What is your favorite ASCD resource/publication/solution/event and why?

Some of my favorite resources are Mike Schmoker’s book Focus, everything by Marzano, all of Heidi Hayes Jacobs’ publications, and especially Wiggins and McTighe’s work.

4) Why are you an ASCD member?

It is the organization that truly supports progressive educational leaders through evidenced-based resources.

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