Because of ASCD… With Dawn Imada Chan


ASCD members

1) Complete this sentence: “Because of ASCD . . .”

I continue to grow as an educator (through the wealth of resources that ASCD provides) and have grown as a leader through my participation in the ASCD Emerging Leaders program.

2)  What is your favorite ASCD moment?Dawn Imada Chan

My favorite ASCD moments have been at events like Annual Conference or the L2L Conference. These conferences are where I have an opportunity to connect with other passionate colleagues to learn, reflect, and have fun. Over the years, it has also been nice to be able to spend time with educators I remain connected with. It feels like a family reunion!

3)  What is your favorite ASCD resource/publication/solution/event and why? 

My favorite ASCD resources include

  1. Educational Leadership and ASCD newsletters (Express, Smartbrief) help me to stay on top of current educational trends and dialogues. EL provides me with a deep dive into a specific theme, while the ASCD newsletters provide me with quick sound bites to reflect upon and discuss with colleagues.
  1. As a Twitter user, I have found #ASCDL2L and @ASCD to be valuable sources of information that I can share with my PLN.
  1. I am quickly becoming a fan of the ASCD Arias series. I like that these are quick reads with practical solutions. I like that they can be implemented in your school or classroom the next day.

4)  Why are you an ASCD member?

As a member, I can count on ASCD to provide me with the most reliable, up-to-date content about the best teaching and learning practices. ASCD products, its Annual conference, and other online ASCD resources like the free webinars and the #ASCDL2L Twitter chats are just some of the many helpful resources that allow me and my colleagues to grow.

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