EdBlog Watch: Barking Up the Right Blog

Blogwatch_1Tickets are free to the Carnival of Education, a weekly feature that rounds up notable posts from across the education blogosphere. Created by The Education Wonks, the Carnival is compiled through submissions from readers, ensuring a broad variety of entries. It’s normally hosted at The Education Wonks, but is periodically guest-hosted by a variety of other blogs.

This system ensures readers easy access to top posts in one place, while introducing many new blogs of interest for further exploration. The July edition of Carnival was hosted by The Los Angeles Times’ education blog, School Me! They advise: “For first time carnival-goers, be not afraid: it’s just a fancy pants way of stringing together the best edu-blog ruminations and linking them with a nifty theme. For us, it’s gonna be a musical midway.” School Me! then breezes through a multimedia-studded rundown of posts, covering everything from GeoCaching, a form of high-tech treasure-hunting, to advice from a speaking anxiety consultant on how to get shy kids to speak up in class.

You can follow The Carnival of Education weekly at http://educationwonk.blogspot.com/, and see archives at http://educationwonk.blogspot.com/2005/05/carnival-of-education-archives.html.

Submitted by David Snyder (dsnyder@ascd.org), a reference librarian in ASCD’s Information Resource Center. Education Blog Watch also appears every two weeks in the ASCD Express newsletter.