myTeachSource: Avoiding the Pitfalls of Project-Based Learning

Avoiding the pitfalls of project based learning

“Project-based learning (PBL) can be messy by nature, but, then again, isn’t all learning? PBL is a student-centered practice. Because it allows for voice and choice for students in not only what they produce but also how they spend their time, the learning is not as structured as many educators Avoiding the pitfalls of project based learningare comfortable with. However, PBL can still be focused if educators pair content standards with a menu of choices for demonstrating understanding of those standards, rather than allowing students to do projects on whatever they find interesting.” Read more here.

Successfully designing, implementing, and assessing project-based learning (PBL) means overcoming certain issues. We’ve compiled a list of strategies from PBL experts to help you avoid the most common challenges teachers face. Find strategies from PBL experts John Larmer, Suzie Boss, Andrew Miller, and the Buck Institute to help you successfully carry out project-based learning in your class.

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