ASCD Statement on 2016 State of the Union Address


ASCD Statement on 2016 State of the Union AddressASCD has released the following statement from Sr. Director of Government Relations David Griffith in response to tonight’s State of the Union address by President Barack Obama:

In tonight’s State of the Union address, President Obama re-affirmed our national interest in providing educational access and opportunities for all students. From pre-K for all to two years of community college at no cost to high school graduates, the President laid out an ambitious but essential goal for a comprehensive P-14 education system that prepares students to be ready to learn, to succeed in school, and to graduate ready to pursue their dreams. These efforts are the logical and natural next steps that build on high school graduation rates that are at historic levels and the new bipartisan K-12 reforms passed by Congress last month.

While the President didn’t speak at length about education specifically in this year’s address, what he did say spoke volumes. Indeed, his vision for a union that remains strong is predicated on a high-functioning education system. In the areas of economic vitality, national security, technological innovation, and civic engagement, education is the cornerstone of sustained progress. ASCD applauds the President’s call to action and will continue to work with educators, families, and the public toward achieving it.


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