ASCD Express Calls for Content: UDL in My Classroom


Universal Design for Learning (UDL) promises to increase access to learning by reducing physical, cognitive, intellectual, and organizational barriers to learning. Teachers using the UDL framework provide learners various ways of acquiring information, multiple means for demonstrating knowledge or skills, and use different methods to engage and challenge students. Students in a UDL classroom have multiple entry points for what they learn, how they learn, and their motivation (or why) for learning it. It sounds utopian, so what’s UDL look like in actual practice? We invite teachers to share how they are applying UDL principles in big or small ways in their classrooms. How has UDL changed your approach to curriculum and pedagogy? What’s challenging and what can other teachers learn from your efforts?

ASCD Express is looking for 600–1,000-word essays or  brief multimedia content on the theme “UDL in My Classroom.” Guidelines for submissions are here; please send your submissions to by October 15.