ASCD Express Calls for Content: Rethinking Time


callforcontentTime corresponds to student learning not in the amount of time in school, but rather, how effectively that time is used (CPE, 2006). With that in mind, how are schools examining how they use time, and what changes are they making to ensure school time is well-spent? Potential topics in this issue include: What impact do school start times have on learning? How can teachers maximize instructional time? Which scheduling configurations make the best use of existing time in the school? Do students have enough time to meet the learning goals set by standards? How are competency-based and personalized approaches to learning shifting how students progress through curriculum? What is the case for extending school days and/or years, and how is time used in schools that have opted to add time? What are some strategies for setting aside more time for teacher collaboration and professional development?

ASCD Express is looking for 600–1,000-word essays or  brief multimedia content on the theme “Rethinking Time.” Guidelines for submissions are here; please send your submissions to by March 1, 2015.