ASCD Express Calls for Content: New Teacher Needs


callforcontentLinda Darling-Hammond (2012) says new teachers want to work in an environment where they’re going to be successful with students, where they’re getting help to do that, where they have good colleagues, where they’re working as a team. How are schools serving these new teacher needs? This issue seeks practical guidance for first-year teachers, whether just out of college or switching careers. What are some strategies for handling the logistics of teaching, like managing paperwork and establishing structure and routines? Which resources help career-switchers translate content expertise into pedagogy? What are some models for ensuring new teachers have plenty of opportunities to observe and partner with master teachers? How can new teachers avoid burnout, power struggles, trying to be the “cool teacher,” and other common pitfalls?

ASCD Express is looking for 600–1,000-word essays or  brief multimedia content on the theme “New Teacher Needs.” Guidelines for submissions are here; please send your submissions to by May 15, 2015.