ASCD Express Calls for Content: Leveraging Student-Led Classrooms

ASCD Express Calls for Content: Leveraging Student-Led ClassroomsStudents can play roles in facilitating learning, directing discussions, presenting new knowledge, and collaborating so that their interests drive lesson and unit design. How do you invite student leadership in your classroom? Many teachers can relate to being thrown in to the deep end as new teachers; how do you ensure that students are prepared for their leadership roles? What are the prerequisite skills for student-led learning, and how do you cultivate them? What scaffolds help students take the reins in meaningful ways?

ASCD Express is looking for 600–1,000-word essays or  brief multimedia content on the theme “Leveraging Student-Led Classrooms.” Guidelines for submissions are here; please send your submissions to by May 1, 2016.

ASCD Express is still accepting submissions for the “Saving Teacher Creativity” theme.