ASCD Express Call for Content: The New Face of Professional Development

ASCD express Call for Content The New Face of PDProfessional learning is no longer only something that schools do for educators; it’s also something educators do for themselves. Educators are not only building professional communities online and in their schools and districts, but they are also personalizing their own learning. Data teams, lesson study groups, and virtual communities provide opportunities to learn with and from peers. Teacher-led “unconferences” and edcamps provide new models for professional conferences. And blogs, wikis, and Twitter chats are enabling educators to learn and share anytime and anywhere. How can school leaders customize and evaluate professional development opportunities? What types of learning communities are most effective, and what are some of the barriers to creating such communities?

ASCD Express is looking for short, 600–1,000-word essays on the theme “The New Face of Professional Development.” Guidelines for submissions are here; please send us your submissions to by February 15, 2014.


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