Announcing the ASCD Emerging Leader Alumni Affiliate


The ASCD Emerging Leader Alumni Affiliate is a new non-geographic affiliate to support emerging leaders post their 2-year participation in the ASCD Emerging Leader program. 

ASCD is pleased to announce the Emerging Leader Alumni Affiliate, ELASCD, as a new affiliate dedicated to building and fostering leadership capacity of emerged leaders after the initial two year cohort period. “The selection process for becoming an Emerging Leaders in an extremely rigorous, competitive one,” explains Walter McKenzie, Senior Director of Constituent Services, “and while the two year program experience can be very rewarding, upon completion emerged leaders have sought to continue to develop and foster leadership potential through an organized entity.”

During the 2017 ASCD Leader to Leader (L2L) Conference, veteran Emerging Leaders developed a proposal to create a permanent home for graduates of the two-year program. The goal of the Emerging Leader Alumni Affiliate is to continue a network of support and opportunity for emerged leaders, leverage areas of expertise to strengthen ASCD’s areas of focus, and to support existing local affiliates while building leadership capacity for affiliate members. Dedicated graduates have been informally creating strategic networks through emerging leader connections, but ELASCD hopes to formalize and reinforce these efforts.

In creating an Emerging Leaders Alumni Affiliate, ASCD is able to offer graduates of the program the same resources and support it offers other Constituent Services groups. While traditional affiliates are geographically based, this new affiliate model will be global, comprised of Emerging Leader graduates from all over the world. The goal is to provide a place for all Emerging Leaders to come together and continue their relationship, individually and as a group, with ASCD after their successful completion of the initial two-year program.

The Emerging Leader Alumni Affiliate has the potential to promote increased collaboration and new ways of positively impacting the relationship between Emerging Leaders and ASCD Affiliates, Connected Communities, Professional Interest Communities, Student Chapters, and staff.

The inaugural ELASCD board is Meghan Everette, Executive Director; Tammy Musiowsky, President; Michele Ogden, Secretary; Christina Yuknis, Treasurer; Fred Ende, Member-at-Large; Jason Flom, Member-at-Large; Jenn Orr, Member-at-Large. Information about elections for President-Elect will be forthcoming.

If you would like more information, please contact or email at