ASCD celebrates Affiliates Appreciation month


Every February, ASCD celebrates its affiliates, of which there are now 65 worldwide. Serving as ASCD’s local presence where educators live and work, our affiliates provide quality content and professional learning for which ASCD is known — with local flavor.

As an international organization, ASCD’s Affiliate program provides a meaningful, engaging way for educators to contribute to and benefit from their connection to ASCD and its global mission to support the Whole Child.

Much like teaching and learning, leadership in education is morphing. Traditional conferences, workshops and other forms of training are less accessible, publishing takes place in all kinds of formats, and teachers seek to be leaders without having to leave the classroom. ASCD Affiliates are working to meet practitioner needs through the pioneering of microcredentials, hybrid professional learning, and new kinds of leadership opportunities for today’s educators.

Next month in Los Angeles, ASCD will recognize its affiliates through its Affiliate Honors program. This annual event showcases outstanding work in the field on behalf of those who serve children to meet the tenets of the Whole Child. This year’s honorees are:

In addition, the following affiliates will be celebrated for their accomplishments over the past year:

We salute these, and all our ASCD Affiliates, for the important work they perform on behalf of the association!

You can get involved as a member of your ASCD Affiliate, and if there isn’t an affiliate where you reside, you can start one here. We are always looking to reach educators in new and meaningful ways, and your expertise and experience are invaluable assets. Please join us, and continue to influence the direction in which education is heading!