Doing Your Om-work

Elsummeronline06_3Looking at instruction through the yogic lens can put us in touch with why we teach.

Curling into cat pose, Deborah Summers noticed something in addition to her calm, regulated breathing and relaxed muscles. At least half of the people in her gentle yoga class were teachers.

On a broader scale, yoga is catching tread with more and more schools and educators. Summers, however, is more concerned with pedagogy than popularity, and she thinks the tenets of yoga practice make just as much sense applied in the classroom, as they do on a sticky mat.

Summers’ article, “Lessons from Yoga,” extracts core philosophies of yoga . . . setting intentions, personalizing practice, cultivating awareness . . . and reflects upon them as guideposts for instruction.

Summers found her center in relating yogic principles to the classroom. ASCD wants to know, Who’s your guru? Where do you find your source of enlightenment and reflection, as an educator?