Are You Watching DVDs or Streaming Video for Your PD?


This week’s ED Pulse question sought to explore the perceived movement away from DVD usage toward streaming video in educational professional development (PD.) In the consumer market, the trend away from DVD usage to streaming video has been evident for several years. In 2010, the CEO of Netflix reported that streaming had surpassed renting DVD’s. In an ambitious effort for one question, not only did we attempt to unravel the type of viewing done, but we also sought to shed light on the amount of time educators are watching DVDs/videos, and whether it was with or without other educators.

A total of 77% of these educators have had PD this year that included the use of either a DVD or streaming video. The most frequent PD experience for these educators was watching 20-30 minutes of streaming video on their own (27% of total.) This was followed by watching 20-30 minute of streaming video with staff (17% of total.) There were 11% of the total who watched an hour long DVD alone, with less than 10% who did each of the following:

  • Watched DVD for less than an hour with staff (9%)
  • Watched DVD for less than an hour on my own (7%)
  • Watched DVD for an hour with staff (6%)

By combining the categories, we also see the following viewing trends in total:

  • Streaming video usage (44%) exceeded DVD use (33%.)
  • Watching by oneself (45%) exceeded watching in a group (32%.)
  • Watching 20-30 minutes(44%) exceeded watching either for an hour (17%) or for less than an hour (16%.)

This survey question was included in ASCD SmartBrief, a daily education news roundup e-newsletter, which has 217,000 subscribers. Using ED Pulse, the weekly online poll, data was collected from 446 readers, starting on September 27, 2012. Online surveys do not provide a random sample, as participants are self-selected, meaning that a margin of sampling error cannot be calculated or quoted. In addition, the population and sample are limited to those with access to computers and an online network. However, online surveys have been shown to produce results that have proven to be reliable predictors of outcomes, including election results.

If you have a question on education that you would like to see addressed in a future ED Pulse poll, feel free to submit it in the comment section below, along with any other comments.




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