Appreciating Our Teacher Superheroes


Teachers are SUPERHEROESIt’s Teacher Appreciation Week, and with the U.S. release of Avengers: Age of Ultron over the weekend, we started thinking about real-life superheroes. Superheroes work independently and in teams, have extraordinary powers, abilities, and skills, are supported by friends and colleagues, demonstrate a strong moral code, are motivated, have a strong belief in justice and service, and share a sense of responsibility. They may also have a secret identity, wear a costume to make them recognizable to those they serve, and have a base of operations.

Sound like anyone you know? We asked Inservice guest bloggers to share why they appreciate the teacher superheroes in their lives. Read their responses below and share why you appreciate your teacher superheroes in the comments.

“I appreciate my teacher superheroes because they helped me find my passion by acknowledging my strengths, honoring my weaknesses, and inviting me to grow.”

—Kevin Parr, 4th grade teacher, Abraham Lincoln Elementary School, Wenatchee Public Schools, Washington

“I appreciate my teacher superheroes because they are continuously invested in their students’ well-being and academic preparedness. Great teachers create great thinkers who thrive in a comfortable learning environment—free from the ridicule of others—where feedback is used as a gift for growing.”

—Jessica Bohn, principal, Gibsonville Elementary, Guilford County Schools, North Carolina

“Our teacher superheroes see the potential in every student and work to unleash it for the world!”

—Jason Ellingson, superintendent, Collins-Maxwell Community School District, Iowa

“I am appreciative of the teacher superheroes I work closely with every day at Salnave Elementary. Each staff member works diligently to ensure we are supporting the whole child. Genuine collaborative action maximizes our superpowers to support the social, emotional, and academic growth of our students. Because of the superheroes I am surrounded by every day, I am a better superhero myself.”

—Celina Brennan, teacher and principal intern, Salnave Elementary, Cheney Public Schools, Washington

“The teachers at Oakland Elementary are superheroes because they embrace failure. They utilize mistakes as springboards for academic growth and foster classroom environments where incorrectness and error are simply part of the human experience. They set high expectations for learning, challenge students to take risks, and value the journey more than the destination. Through our school’s ongoing emphasis of inquiry and project-based learning, mistakes have led to our school’s collective growth. Through success and failure, collegial relationships have strengthened and professional capacities have increased. The teachers at Oakland Elementary are empowered—empowered to take professional risks, empowered to communicate the importance of failure to others, and empowered to create meaningful opportunities for students in spite of external pressures.”

—Josh Patterson, principal, Oakland Elementary School, Spartanburg County School District Two, South Carolina

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What Do the Kids Think?

We asked, “If your teacher was a superhero, what would his or her superpower be?”

“Super speed!” —Evan, age 8

“Mind reading!” —Ryan, age 9

“To be able to teach a child anything.” —Catherine, age 9

“Mastermind!” —Lena, age 9

“Super smart and strong, so they could help us in case we’re in danger.” —Justin, age 10

“To make people feel good about themselves.” —DeShae, age 10

“Playing music and making people happy.” —Arjun, age 10

“To make sure kids get all A’s.” —Aubrey, age 11

“Bringing positive energy to every class and every day.” —Kendall, age 13

“The power to read everyone’s minds.” —Audrey, age 13

“Bringing a smile to everybody’s faces by helping them make good grades.” —Jania, age 13

“Bringing humor into everyone’s life.” —Reva, age 14