Announcing the ASCD Arias Imprint—Timely Answers to Your Burning Education Questions


Let’s visualize September: The year is young and you’re right where you want to be. You’re consciously applying the myriad new skills acquired over a summer of professional learning. You’re maintaining your personal sense of balance. You’re moving surely down the path toward true mastery, and you’re seeing the students benefit. But you want more—to do more, to grow more.

There are urgent questions you want answers to. How do I prepare my students for the real world? How do I integrate tablets with effective instruction? How do I assess individual learning when students work together? How do I maximize time for learning in my classroom?

And you want to put the answers into practice as soon as you can.

Enter the ASCD Arias™ imprint. If you haven’t heard our big news, let me be the first to tell you. We just launched a new offering of 48-page reads (books and e-books) that offer answers in a convenient, easy-to-read format. Each ASCD Arias publication takes one of those burning questions head on, offering original, meaningful content and new insights from the voices you trust.

The first four publications in the imprint are Fostering Grit by Thomas R. Hoerr; Teaching with Tablets by Nancy Frey, Alex Gonzalez, and Douglas Fisher; Grading and Group Work by Susan M. Brookhart, and The 5-Minute Teacher by Mark Barnes. All are available now for preorder in print ($12.99) and e-book formats ($6.99) and will be released this August.


Eighteen additional ASCD Arias titles are planned for the 2013–14 school year, so stay tuned. We’ll be posting excerpts for you to preview right here on Inservice.

What education questions do you most want answered? Tell us in the comments section.