A “Partially Failed Experiment”

Cover_image_1That’s Joel Packer’s, manager of Elementary and Secondary Education Act Policy for the NEA, take on NCLB.

This month, Education Update newsletter looks at NCLB a year before it is set for reauthorization, and dishes pros and cons from the education policy wonks.

Packer’s criticisms of NCLB, mainly that the law

  • Judges school performance on math and reading scores only
  • Limits how test scores can be used
  • Is drastic with respect to how it measures “failure” in certain subgroups
  • Does not fully fund the resources needed for compliance

… are countered by those, like Kati Haycock of The Education Trust, who defend the law because of it’s attention to underserved students. “These are the poor kids, the ESL students, the underperforming kids who for years have been swept under the rug,” says Haycock.

Do you agree with Haycock, that NCLB is putting “wind in the sails” of people trying to make positive changes for students?

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