A Resource Guide for Supporting Positive Student Collaboration


Collaborative Learning Week banner with ASCD logoRegardless of your content area, the standard you are covering on a particular day, and the abilities of your students, there’s an unwritten set of separate skills all effective teachers hope to instill in their students day after day. Skills such as grit, perseverance, and collaboration are all essential to student success, but how do you enable your students to practice them?

In particular, how do you support positive collaboration in your classroom? Learning doesn’t have to be an island for your students, nor should it. This resource guide offers books, DVDs, online professional development, and much more to help you incorporate collaboration into your instruction.

Resource GuideWe’ve split the resources up into three simple tactics that will make collaboration a seamless, integral part of your classroom. Explore a tactic you are particularly interested in, or dive into all three! These resources work individually and together, providing you with the tools you need to support positive student collaboration.

Effectively Differentiate Your Instruction: By differentiating instruction and content to meet the needs of every learner, your classroom will naturally lend itself to student collaboration. Use these resources to help you differentiate materials.

Prepare Group Work Instead of Individual Work: Instead of repeating the same  individual assignments week after week, take a look at your curriculum and identify opportunities for students to work together. The resources below are helpful to carry out a successful group work strategy.

Structure Your Teaching for Better Engagement: Collaborative learning works best with solid, engaging instruction. Reflect on your teaching practices with the resources below.

In addition to encouraging collaborative learning, it’s always a good idea to consider every aspect of teacher effectiveness. For more on this topic, visit ASCD’s Teacher Effectiveness Resource Portal.


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