A Look Back at October: A Roundup from ASCD’s Education Policy Pros


October 2013 ed policy roundup from ASCD policy prosDespite the federal government shutdown, ASCD’s policy team still has plenty of information to share. Read on for the latest and most relevant education policy news.

  • The current issue of ASCD Policy Points (PDF), “Common Core State Standards: Myths and Facts,” combats widespread myths about the standards, clarifying misperceptions about the federal government’s involvement in the standards, implementation costs, and the role of local schools and districts.
  • Register now for ASCD’s Leadership Institute for Legislative Advocacy (LILA), the premier forum for educators in a variety of roles—including teachers, principals, superintendents, district personnel, and university professors—to learn about federal education issues and advocate for policies that support successful learning and teaching.
  • Congress ended its 16-day shutdown of the federal government by passing a short-term spending agreement (PDF) that will continue to fund education programs at FY13 levels. The bill, however, only extends funding until mid-January, when Congress will again be tasked with setting funding levels for all government programs through the end of the fiscal year. Read ASCD’s statement on the end of the shutdown, which emphasizes that the shutdown’s consequences pale in comparison to the damage sequestration cuts are inflicting on the U.S. education system.
  • In his current “Is It Good for the Kids?” column, Dr. Carter examines what budget cuts to education mean for the nation’s students and what is needed from the federal government in order to build a better tomorrow through our schools.
  • The deadline to submit comments on the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) proposal to modernize the E-Rate program for schools and libraries is November 8. The three main goals for the modernization effort include ensuring schools and libraries have affordable access to high-speed broadband, maximizing the cost-effectiveness of E-Rate purchases, and streamlining the administration of the E-Rate program.

For more news and information on ASCD’s policy and advocacy activities, please visit www.ascd.org/public-policy.aspx.