14 Resources on Crafting Learning Objectives

14 resources on crafting learning objectives

Knowing what students are expected to understand and accomplish by the end of any lesson, unit, or course is an important part of curriculum design. Without these guiding objectives, it’s difficult to know if students are learning what they need to succeed. Learn how to craft, communicate, and evaluate learning objectives with this selection of resources just released on ASCD myTeachSource®.

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Free Resources

Knowing Your Learning Target (Educational Leadership)

The first thing students need to learn is what they’re supposed to be learning.

Setting Objectives and Providing Feedback (Book Chapter)

The authors provide classroom practices for setting objectives and giving feedback that reassures students that their teacher is focused on helping them succeed.

Lesson Plans and Unit Plans: The Basis for Instruction (Book Chapter)

This resource for new teachers shows how to create lesson plans that keep learning objectives in mind.

Know Where Your Students Are Going (Book Chapter)

In this chapter of Never Work Harder Than Your Students & Other Principles of Great Teaching, Robyn R. Jackson outlines how to create learning objectives like a master teacher while providing tips and activities to try in everyday practice.

Setting Clear Learning Purposes for ELLs (Educational Leadership)

Learning is hard work, and it’s even harder when you are doing “double the work” of everyone else. Teachers can mitigate this challenge for ELLs by establishing content, language, and social learning purposes (also known as learning objectives or learning intentions) at the start of the lesson and redirecting students to these purposes frequently.

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Checking the Validity of Objectives (Book Chapter)

Expert Anne Reeves looks at what makes a good learning objective and how teachers can determine that for themselves.

Inside a Flipped-Mastery Classroom (ASCD Express)

Find out the teacher characteristics and the instructional components necessary to move toward a flipped-mastery model of learning.

Leveling the Playing Field: Sharing Learning Targets and Criteria for Success (Book Chapter)

The first step in formative assessment is being clear about learning goals. Actually, the first step in any kind of assessment is understanding what you want to know. This chapter gives tips and examples on how to share learning targets with students.

What Will I Do to Develop Effective Lessons Organized into a Cohesive Unit? (Book Chapter)

This chapter from The Art and Science of Teaching explains how to develop engaging lessons based on learning objectives.

ASCD Resources

Never Work Harder Than Your Students and Other Principles of Great Teaching (Book)

Robyn Jackson, a National Board-certified teacher, discusses the seven principles that can help educators at any level improve their practice and become master teachers.

Where Great Teaching Begins: Designing Learning Objectives for Effective Instruction (PDO Course)

This PD Online course will give teachers and teacher leaders a deeper understanding of how to effectively plan for student thinking and learning.

Improving Student Learning One Teacher at a Time (E-Book)

This e-book offers step-by-step instructions for developing a curriculum document, planning your instructional activities, choosing a set of classroom assessment tasks, and recording meaningful feedback on student performance.

Where Great Teaching Begins: Planning for Student Thinking and Learning (Book)

You know that great teaching isn’t about keeping students working or “covering” the curriculum. Here’s a book that explains how to design lessons that offer more than a scripted performance or a list of activities.

The New Teacher’s Companion: Practical Wisdom for Succeeding in the Classroom (Book)

Gini Cunningham’s practical advice and memorable anecdotes will help new teachers prepare for and enjoy their work—even on the most difficult days.