12 Ways to Thank Your Teacher for Teacher Appreciation Week


“Teachers are like angels on Earth, you just don’t have the wings” – Deb Delisle


Why is it that once a year we rally around a special week (May 8 – May 12) to appreciate teachers? We should be showing our appreciation for the work that teachers put in each and every day! We’re always of the mindset that you should acknowledge those who make a positive impact in your lives, and with teachers being with students for almost 8 hours a day, they deserve a lot of appreciation.

With Teacher Appreciation Week approaching, we have put together a list of ideas you might like to use to help support your teachers this week and beyond. Because we believe that teachers should be celebrated by the community, we created this list for students, parents, principals, central office staff and even other teachers.

  1. Set up a “Thankful Station” where students are provided with the supplies to write thank you notes that they can give to their teachers.
  2. Purchase a best-selling education book from the ASCD bookstore.
  3. Give your teacher a gift certificate to a local coffee shop or your favorite bakery.
  4. Support your teacher’s well-being by purchasing them a CSA membership so they can be provided with healthy food.
  5. Ask your teacher if they have a DonorsChoose.org account and see if you can help provide them what they need for their classroom.
  6. Have the students write a poem about their teacher and place it in a frame.
  7. Set up a pancake breakfast for the teaching staff at your school. Ask the students and their parents to volunteer to help.
  8. Sponsor your teacher’s trip to the Conference on Teaching Excellence this Summer in Denver, CO.
  9. Purchase a gift card for dinner for 2 at your favorite restaurant and give it to the teacher for them to enjoy with their friend.
  10. Volunteer to take home papers to score or offer to help out around the classroom
  11. Provide healthy snacks for the staff room
  12. Just say, “Thank you.”
  13. Bonus: no mugs. They have too many mugs and not enough coffee.

Want more? Check out the National PTA’s Teacher Appreciation Week toolkit.

How will you be showing your appreciation for a teacher? Have an idea that we missed? Let us know in the comments!