12 Resources on Building Relationships with Every Student from ASCD myTeachSource

12 Resources on Building Relationships with Every Student

12 Resources on Building Relationships with Every Student

Whether you’re connecting with students individually or sharing personal anecdotes, teachers know that building relationships help lay the foundation to support their academic development. Here is a curated list of resources featured on ASCD myTeachSource that support the development of student listening skills, empathy, and inclusivity to help create classroom environments that feel welcoming to all students.

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Free Resources

What Empathy Can Do by Ernest Mendes for Educational Leadership

Students respond to us because we care—and because they like us.

Educator’s Guide to Preventing and Solving Discipline Problems by Mark Boynton and Christine Boynton

In this excerpt from their book, the authors lay out techniques for equitable ways to call on students, increasing latency periods, correcting students in positive ways, and developing classroom pride.

Building Bridges with Students Who Have ADHD by Lisa Medoff for Educational Leadership

The one student who challenges us the most may be a gift in disguise.

Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child: A Collaborative Approach to Learning and Health by ASCD and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

A white paper calling on educators, parents, businesses, health and social service providers, arts professionals, recreation leaders, and policymakers at all levels to forge a new compact with our young people to ensure their whole and healthy development.

ASCD Member-Only Access

Do I Know My Students Beyond the Dismissal Bell? by Baruti Kafele

The case is made for becoming familiar with students’ homes and neighborhoods as a nonnegotiable aspect of educational practice.

Teaching Is Leading by Michelle Collay for Educational Leadership

Effective teaching and learning happen in all kinds of schools every day as teachers lead by leveraging relationships within and beyond their classrooms.

What Will I Do to Establish and Maintain Effective Relationships with Students? by Robert J. Marzano

The quality of student-teacher relationships is the keystone of effective management and one of the most important aspects of teaching.

Building Relationships with Challenging Children by Philip S. Hall and Nancy D. Hall for Educational Leadership

Teachers who intervene gently, forego punishment, work at bonding, and ensure student success can help at-risk students make positive changes in their lives and in the classroom.

ASCD Books

Build Positive Relationships with Your Students by Bob Sullo

When you develop a positive relationship with your students, they feel connected, competent, in control of some choices, and happy in a safe environment.

Connecting with Students by Allen N. Mendler

Teachers who manage to transcend the normal student-teacher relationships can benefit everyone in school—particularly the “challenging” students—and, along the way, prevent school violence, support school safety, improve school climate, and promote learning.

Encouragement in the Classroom by Joan Young

This ASCD Arias® publication comes to your rescue with classroom-tested strategies, routines, and rituals to help you create a supportive learning environment.

Handling Student Frustrations by Renate Caine & Carol McClintic

When students’ frustrations erupt in the classroom, this short-read publication helps you respond in a way that results in better relationships with your students and higher levels of student motivation and achievement.


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