10 Inspiring Quotations to Help You Differentiate Your Instruction


When it comes to differentiated instruction, one of the most common questions asked by busy teachers is “How can I find the time?”

In her newly revised book, The Differentiated Classroom: Responding to the Needs of All Learners, 2nd Edition, Carol Ann Tomlinson offers valuable insight into the power of differentiated instruction in today’s classroom.

Whether you need motivation to implement differentiated instruction in the classroom or simply need reassurance that it’s working, you’ll find inspiration in these words of wisdom from Tomlinson:

  1. “Every child is entitled to the promise of a teacher’s optimism, enthusiasm, time, and energy.”
  2. “Educators should be champions of every student who enters the schoolhouse doors.”
  3. “Teachers in the most exciting and effective differentiated classrooms don’t have all the answers. What they do have is optimism and determination.”
  4. “It is a human birthright to be a learner. There is little we do that is more important.”
  5. “Like students, teachers grow best when they are moderately challenged. Waiting until conditions are ideal or until you are sure of yourself yields lethargy, not growth.”
  6. “Teachers change either because they see the light or because they feel the heat.”
  7. “A great coach never achieves greatness for himself or his team by working to make all his players alike.”
  8. “Becoming an expert at differentiation is a career-long goal. One step at a time, you will get there.”
  9. “Don’t feel compelled to grade everything. There’s a time for students to figure things out and a time for judging whether they did, but the two shouldn’t always be the same.”
  10. “If curriculum and instruction are the heart and limbs of sound teaching, then classroom management is the central nervous system. Without the heart, there is no life, but without the nervous system, there is no function.”

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