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What Kind of Educator Are You?

HolidayQuizImageBy Mary Melvin

Do you consider yourself a tech-savvy educator who will find any way to integrate technology in the classroom? Or, would you say you’re a nurturer who enjoys fostering relationships with students and helping them reach their full potentials? Take ASCD’s quiz to find out what kind of educator you are and see which ASCD books match your personality.

In the quiz, you’ll be asked how you would typically respond to various classroom scenes. You may partially agree with more than one statement or feel as though some don’t quite describe your personality. That’s perfectly fine. Have fun with the questions and choose the answers that best match your personality.

After you take the quiz, you will see three book recommendations that are based on your educator personality profile. You can also receive a 15 percent discount on these recommended titles by using promo code Z157 before December 31, 2014.

The quiz can be shared with colleagues, family, and friends through social media channels. Click here to get started!