Mastering the Principles of Great Teaching

Robyn Jackson Mastering Principles of Great Teaching Deal

Better lesson planning, supporting struggling students and motivating those students who are reluctant to learn—these are challenges educators know all too well. So how can they go about finding real solutions? What strategies and techniques can educators use to meet those challenges?

ASCD Author Robyn R. Jackson’s trio of books from the “Mastering the Principles of Great Teaching” series can help. From now until February 22, 2013, we’re offering a special discount on each of the books in the series when you use the code Z105 at checkout. You’ll save 15 percents on the following print or e-book versions:

Share the code with colleagues, tweet it out to your followers and pin the discount code above. We hope the ideas and information from Jackson’s books will help you be an even greater teacher!

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