How the Transactional Approach to Instruction Helps Build Independent Learners

Inservice-Learn4Keeps-CoverMove alongside students, give feedback, offer them your support during difficult moments, and gradually let go—that’s what ASCD author Rhoda Koenig wants to help you learn to do. In her ASCD book, Learning for Keeps: Teaching the Strategies Essential for Creating Independent Learners, she offers everything from sample lessons to exercises that will support your efforts.

Below is a passage that will get you thinking about transactional instruction. Using a math lesson as an example, Koenig shows how differently a discussion with students can play out when a transmission approach is replaced with a transactional approach.



How might this look in your classroom?


Stop by our website for additional information about the book and author or to access sample chapters and the free study guide. You can also purchase this book as a paperback or e-book from the ASCD Online Store.

Katie Test is a public relations and social media professional on the ASCD Communications team. Prior to joining the communications team at ASCD, she worked for D.C. Public Schools, Durham Public Schools and Charlotte-Mecklenburg Public Schools as a communications staffer.