September 25, 2012 by

Educational Leadership Introduces New iTunes U Courses

Busy educators, we’ve got your professional learning on the go. Now, when you download the iTunes U app on your iPhone or iPad, you can subscribe to Educational Leadership‘s monthly study guide. This free course, available exclusively through iTunes U, is a structured way to deepen your learning through inquiry on a selection of articles from each EL issue. Progress through the content at your own pace and according to your points of interest, record reflections, and share ideas and practices with staff.

The power to influence professional learning in your school or district is free, and only a few screen taps away. Here’s how to get started:

1) In the iTunes U app, click the “Catalog” button, and search for ASCD. You’ll see “EL Study Guide” as the top item under “Courses.”

2) Click on the study guide, and on the next screen, select “Subscribe.” The EL Study Guide will now show up on the shelf of your iTunes U library.

3) Click on the EL cover on your library shelf to open the guide. Once inside, use the bottom navigation to access general information, individual content posts, your personal notes, and an archive of all the materials in the guide.

Each month, you’ll have the opportunity to add the latest EL issue’s study guide to your library. And whether you have the iTunes app or not, you can preview the iTunes U EL Study Guide.

Let us know how you’re using the new, app-enhanced study guide, and where we can make improvements!