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ASCD Learn Teach Lead Radio: A New Show for All Educators

ASCD Learn Teach Lead RadioThis week, ASCD and BAM! Radio Network, the largest all-education talk radio network in the world, launched a new program for educators, “ASCD Learn Teach Lead Radio.” The new show will have weekly episodes hosted by a rotating group of ASCD Emerging Leaders and featuring guests such as ASCD authors, leaders, presenters, and educators from all roles. The first episode premiered on Tuesday and you can hear it, as well as all future episodes, here:

“Through our work in the field, outreach on social media, interactions at conferences and events, and efforts in many other places, ASCD is committed to hosting and participating in productive conversations about the topics that matter to educators today and influence the success of each child. This new partnership with BAM! Radio Network is an exciting opportunity to spark new, engaging discussions,” said Deborah S. Delisle, ASCD executive director and CEO, about the new program. “By tapping into the impressive audience of educators BAM! Radio has attracted through its existing programming and adding new voices and perspectives from ASCD experts and practitioners, we have a wonderful opportunity to enhance the reach and caliber of conversations about essential education topics.”

Kevin Scott, ASCD’s director of member engagement hosted the first episode. His guest was Fred Ende, author of the new ASCD Arias, Professional Development that Sticks, and an alumnus of the ASCD Emerging Leaders program. In this 11-minute chat, Ende shares ideas about

  • Why many teachers are reluctant to participate in traditional PD, and how school leaders can create better learning experiences to truly engage the entire faculty.
  • How professional development can take on more elements of personalized learning when planners make sure to account for the individual needs of participants.
  • Why one-and-done professional development is ineffective, especially when the goal is to create lifelong learners.

In future episodes, you can expect to hear discussions about principal leadership, teacher leadership and effectiveness, student engagement, best practices for professional learning, assessment strategies, poverty and equity, and many more key subjects.

Ross Romano is the Publicist on the ASCD Communications team. He helps to maintain and grow ASCD’s strong relationship with the media and is charged with distributing important news to the press and ASCD constituents. He is also a contributor to the association’s social media channels and other areas of the group communications efforts. Prior to joining ASCD in 2014, he worked in media relations within Major League Baseball, both domestically in the US and internationally in Australia.